The toughest thing for any person is to define who he or she is… I’m no exception to this!

When you are asked a short bio, you usually provide with your studies, your computer and language skills and some fancy work experience you have. But in your own blog, you own digital home of choice, what would really matter?

I don’t know and the only way to find out is this very blog, a collection of all my writings and thoughts (at least the ones I want/dare to share publicly). Their reflection to you all, my friends and/or readers will make me able to catch some short glimpse of myself. Even the simple fact that I intend my blog to be bilingual and this very text is written in English and not my native Greek (the language most of my writings is written to), is indicative of who am I.

But let me give a short heads up: among my acquaintances, I am usually known as one or more of the following: the one obsessed with Rhodes, the computer guy, the internet guy, the one familiar with Weapons of Mass Destruction, the one from, the movies guy, the guy who always speaks about Rhodes, the one with the conference (RhodesMRC), the Antinuclear Guy, the House of Europe nut, the “how-can-you-do-all-that-stuff” guy, the “where-do-you-find-time-for-all-that” guy, the “no-personal-life” guy and goes on. Some just call me friend and get used with all the above…

For those willing some more info:

I was born and raised in Rhodes, Greece, a beautiful island of rich history and culture, somewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean, closer to Turkey than mainland Greece, the crown jewel of the insular complex known as Dodecanese (meaning 12 islands, although there are significantly more). Rhodes was the home of Colossus of Rhodes, the home of Cleobulus, a strong naval state during the Roman years, the last Christian stronghold during late Medieval Times, a major port of the Ottoman Empire and the, often-called, flagship of Greek Touristic industry the last 6 decades.